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Original Article

Spirulina (Arthrospora platensis) in The Diet Reduces Sodium Arsenates’ Impacts on Kidney Enzyme Activities, Histopathology, and Arsenic Accumulation in Rats Models

Pages 1-10

Basim S. A. Al Sulivany; Imad Taher Abdulla; Chinar M. Mohammed; Mizgeen S. Shaheen; Maryam M. Hassan; Shiler J. Salih

Parasitic Infections as a Neglected Cause of Acute Appendicitis: Value of Routine Pathological Handling of Appendectomy Specimens

Pages 41-53

Ali G. Alghamdi; Doaa A. Salem; Wagih Ghannam; Ahmed T. M. Elshennawy; Taher H. Elwan; Abdulkarim Hasan; Yusuf A. Fureeh; Nasser A. Zaher